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VG-10 Valve

This is a full-size fixed valve that is anything but conventional.

  • The net rise typically ranges from 0.236 in [6 mm] to 0.551 in [14 mm], varying in 0.039 in [1 mm] increments (other lifts may be available in some cases)
  • This valve is also directional with the rear leg being visibly wider than the downstream front leg
  • As with any fixed valve, it can never become stuck to the deck, nor can it spin
  • The large net rises available plus the directional liquid flow make this an outstanding anti-fouling valve that is widely used on anti-fouling SUPERFLUX® trays
    • Using a large net rise ensures that large particles can freely pass through the deck openings
    • There are no protrusions below the deck for any material to hang up on and for deposits
    • The liquid push is strong enough to help solid material be flushed downstream and toward the downcomer where it can exit off the tray deck