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Model 758 Enhanced Vapor Horn

  • Tower Diameter: 6 ft [1800 mm] and larger
  • Support Features: Welded to vessel wall

Standard Features

  • Suitable for vapor only, mixed liquid/vapor, or flashing feeds
  • Partial or full-circumference open-bottom horn
  • Centrifugal action imparted to feed directs entrained liquid to vessel wall
  • Specifically positioned turning vanes break the high-feed inlet velocity for improved vapor distribution and de-entrainment
  • Anti-swirl baffles positioned on the outside of the horn eliminate the cyclonic motion of the vapor
  • Designed to ensure adequate gas oil quality and yield, maximum column capacity, and proper wash bed performance when used for crude vacuum tower feed
  • Radial or tangential inlet configuration

Optional Features

  • Multiple feed inlets
  • Heavy-duty design for increased uplift protection
  • Wear plates
  • CFD analysis (including entire flash zone of crude towers)