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VORSOMAX® Cyclonic Inlet Device

The VORSOMAX® cyclonic inlet device is a patent-pending inlet device that delivers good separation of vapor and liquid phases. It consists of a manifold and a series of separation cans, in which centrifugal force is generated to provide the vapor-liquid separation.

VORSOMAX cyclonic inlet device decreases the momentum of the feed stream entering an inlet nozzle. This is performed in a controlled manner which allows:

  • Removal of bulk liquid and some solids
  • Foam breaking or suppression
  • Good distribution of vapor over downstream internals
  • Reduced liquid loading to downstream mist elimination equipment
  • Minimization of droplet shatter, which prevents creation of additional fine entrainment
  • Reduction of forces generated by vapor acting on liquid surfaces below the feed point, which prevents re-entrainment
  • Lower pressure drop compared to conventional inlet cyclones

Characteristics of VORSOMAX Cyclonic Inlet Device

  • Due to high efficiency separation of liquid from vapor, reduces liquid load to mist elimination equipment
  • Prevents shear forces acting on liquid levels which can lead to re-entrainment of previously collected liquid
  • Modular construction allows for easy installation through vessel manways
  • Custom engineered for vertical or horizontal vessels


  • Minimizes new vessel diameter and weight
  • High gas turndown
  • Ideal for debottlenecking existing separators for capacity upgrades