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Montz Process Technology

Montz Process Technology provides plants and services in the field of thermal separation technology (distillation, rectification, evaporation, etc.). This includes separation processes for solvent recovery for different kinds of organic solvents, as well as complete processes for bioethanol and potable alcohol (fine distillates, ENA). Montz will work in close contact and cooperation with the customer to create a smooth, positive and successful project execution.

Montz provides customer support and services for all phases of a project. During the initial stages of a project, Montz can provide concept development, conduct feasibility studies and create a basic process design. Once the boundary conditions of the project are determined, Montz team members then apply their extensive engineering knowledge and experience for process simulation, basic and detailed engineering and electrical, measuring and control technology. Montz Process Technology executes and manages all aspects of plant construction including pipe planning, plant layout, isometric drawings, CAE/CAD 3D construction, project management, as well as procurement and delivery. Montz will be on-site to manage, supervise and implement the erection and installation of the plant. After installation, Montz will also perform start-up and commissioning.

The Montz Process Technology team is available to provide plant services including process simulations, process optimization and consulting for operating plants and running processes. Additionally, Montz can provide spare or replacement parts, if required.

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