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Scrubbers commonly serve to remove pollutants or undesirable compounds from a gas stream, and can be found across a wide variety of industries and applications. The scrubbing process normally takes place under countercurrent flow using random or structured packing to effectively contact the gas stream with the scrubbing liquid. In some cases, trays such as the FLEXITRAY® valve trays may be used depending on the nature of the contaminants.

To prevent carryover of the scrubbing liquid, these columns may also include a mist eliminator above the packing/trays or in a downstream separator. FLEXICHEVRON® mist eliminators can be used where fouling resistance is needed, and high-efficiency DEMISTER® mist eliminators or even FLEXIFIBER® mist eliminators can be used for fine submicron liquid droplet removal.

Common Scrubbing Applications 

  • Wet Gas Scrubbers
  • Flue Gas Desulfurization
  • CO2 Scrubbers