Our applications knowledge paired with our full line of mass transfer technologies and separations solutions make Koch-Glitsch a complete provider for all your distillation and separations needs. Click on any of the applications collected here to learn how our products can benefit your plant.




Caustic Evaporators

Caustic evaporators are used in a variety of industries for product recovery, treatment of wastewater, and elimination of wastewater for zero discharge plants. 

DEMISTER® and FLEXICHEVRON® mist eliminators resist fouling, offer low pressure drop, and sound mechanical properties. 

Because evaporators can be a violent environment with high velocities through the mist eliminators, Koch-Glitsch incorporates unique features to increase the mechanical robustness of the equipment. 

Sugar Evaporators

Sugar manufacturing and refining of sugar cane and beets use evaporators and vacuum pans. Entrainment of sugar into the condenser represents product loss (financial losses) and adds biological oxygen demand (BOD) to the receiving water.

Reduce Sugar Losses

FLEXICHEVRON® and DEMISTER® mist eliminators can cut sugar losses by 96% and typically reduce BOD below 2 ppm or less.