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Model TP941, TS941 Pipe-Arm Distributor

  • Tower Diameter: 17 in. [430 mm] and larger
  • Liquid rates between 1.5 and 10 gpm/ft2 [4 – 25 m3/h/m2]
  • Limited fouling resistance
  • Orifices in pipe

Standard Features

  • The header section is flanged for standard horizontal feed from the side of the tower
  • The laterals are flange-connected on TS models and pipe-threaded on TP models
  • Inlet flange connects to an internal flange with a 150# bolt pattern
  • The end of the header opposite the flange connection is attached to a clip for support
  • Support clips, as required, are used to support the laterals
  • Beams can be used to support large distributors when necessary

Optional Features

  • Flanged laterals (standard on TS model)
  • Vertical-feed header on tower centerline
  • Threaded header (on TP model only)
  • Support clips
  • Support beams